Ohio Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that believes when people work together to find solutions, we can generate prosperity in ways our founding farmers never imagined. Whether it’s creating an environment for businesses to succeed, advocating for common sense public policy, creating constructive dialogue about food production or establishing great companies like Nationwide, good things happen when people work together.

Today, it doesn’t matter if you grow food or purchase it: Ohio Farm Bureau invites you to work with your neighbors to enhance the quality of life in your community and the unique ways agriculture touches our lives.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation is governed by a 16-member board that is committed to being a thought leader in terms of youth pathways into careers in agriculture.

Agriculture plays a critical role in the everyday life of Americans, and the foundation believes an increased focus on career opportunities in our industry will have a direct impact on the strength of Ohio’s food and farm community. The foundation works to help dispel misperceptions and show how agriculture is an economic driver through research and supporting the next generation of ag leaders and workers.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation exposes, attracts and supports the next generation of agriculture leaders and workers in three distinct ways:

• Scholarships
• Grants
• Innovative Programming

There’s no community better equipped to positively impact the future of agriculture than those who work in agriculture and partner with the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation. The foundation invites you to join us in supporting the young people and organizations working to grow Ohio agriculture.

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation


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The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation funds programs that create a positive, measurable impact in four core areas of giving.

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Innovative Programming

We envision a future where tomorrow’s greatest leaders are passionate about and drawn to careers in agriculture.

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